LIthium Iron Phosphate Battery


LB Series

The Superpack LB series (Low Temperature & Bluetooth Battery) has a wireless Bluetooth transmitter that lets an operator manage the Battery Management System (BMS) using free software called Smart Connect available on Android devices. The battery capacity or State of Charge (SoC), voltage, temperature, charge or discharge current can be checked simply by opening the application on a compatible smart phone or tablet.
LB series battery can safely charge when temperatures drop as low as -20°C using a standard charger. This series is highly suited for RVs, off-grid solar, electric vehicles, and in any application where charging in colder temperatures is necessary.
  • Specifically designed for cold temperature charging Safely charge at temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F)
  • Bluetooth communication capability for battery status through Superpack free app
  • BMS enhanced design balances the battery cells and protects against over-charging
  • Compact and only 40% of the weight of comparable lead acid battery
  • Up to 10 times more cycles than lead acid batteries. Faster charging and lower self-discharge
  • Delivers twice the power of lead acid batteries,even high discharge rate, while maintaining high energy capacity.
  • Constant current, then constant voltage charging is recommended
  • Recommended float charge voltage: 13.8V @ 25
  • Max. charge current allowable : 1C5A (For the battery where the  capacity is equal to or higher 100Ah, 100A continuous discharge current is recommended).
  • IEC62133
  • UL1642
  • CE (battery)
  • UN38.3 (battery)
  • AGV
  • Marine 
  • Golf Car
  • Power Utility 
  • Floor Scrubber 
  • Medical Cart
  • Recreational Vehicle 
  • Outdoor Applications 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Renewable Energy system
  • Mobile phone (tablet) hardware needs to support Bluetooth 4.0 BLE (Bluetooth super low energy )
  • Measuring distance, up to 15m
  • Selective gauge IC of both whole voltage and unit voltage
  • Real-time remotely monitor battery status of both static and dynamic.BL battery app