Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery



The LSE Series batteries with a 20 year design life in float service, heavy duty grids, thicker plates, special additives and updated AGM Valve Regulated technology, provide consistent performance and long service life. This series is suited for telecommunications, UPS systems, renewable energy systems and power stations.
  • 20 years design life in floating condition
  • Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 60°C
  • High integrity , dual pillar seal design
  • Low float current designed paste enables significant electrical cost saving
  • Thick positive flat plate design with high Tin low Calcium alloy
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • High gas recombination efficiency as high as 99.9%
  • Positive plate: Thick high Sn low Ca grid to resist corrosion and prolong life
  • Negative plate : Balanced Pb-Ca grid for improved recombination efficiency
  • Separator : Advanced AGM separator for ultra low float current Electrolyte: Dilute high purity sulphuric acid
  • Battery container and cover : ABS
  • Pillar seal: 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal
  • Relief valve : Complete with integrated flame arrestor
  • Constant voltage charging is recommended
  • Recommended float charge voltage : 2.25Vpc @ 25°C
  • Float voltage temperature compensation : -3mV /°C/cell
  • Equalize charge voltage: 2.35 Vpc @25 °C
  • Max . charge current allowable : 25C10A
  • Telecommunications
  • UPS
  • Data center
  • Solar and wind energy system
  • Power Utility
  • IEC 60896-21/22
  • Eurobat guide, long life
  • BS6290 part 4
  • YD/T 799
  • UL1989
  • IATA and IMDG