Lead-Acid Batteries Performing like Lithium-Ion

In the April edition of Transmission and Distribution, we are speaking about a revolutionary new pure lead, horizontal plates (PLHP) bi-polar lead-acid battery technology.

Lithium Ion Batteriesfor Telecommunication Industry and Data Centres

Lithium-ion batteries is a perfect solution for the situation where extra room is required, or heavy weight of the lead-acid batteries is not acceptable.

All Energy Expo rescheduled

With the current situation in Victoria, the organisers of the exhibition made a decision to reschedule the event. It will now be held on 27-28 October 2021 at MCEC. Aeson Power are looking forward to seeing our customers at industry colleagues at the show.


  • Snowy Hydro Traralgon Power station – Design and Install of Battery System with External Venting;
  • Bairnsdale Power Station – Station Inverters Replacement;
  • Battery System for the central UPS;
  • PNG – multiple Lithium-Ion battery systems for Radio Transmitters UPS’s