Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery


The Solar Series is designed for frequent cyclic charge and discharge applications in extreme environments. Due to it’s combination of the newly developed Nano Gel electrolyte and high density paste, the Solar range batteries ensure high recharge efficiency at very low charge current. The Nano Gel component significantly reduces the acid stratification.
The Solar series is  suitable for energy storage for renewable energies like PV, wind turbine power systems and CATV.
  • 12 years in floating condition
  • Up to 5 years design life at renewable energy applications according to IEC61427
  • Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to 65°C
  • Nano gel electrolyte eliminate the acid stratification and prolong cycle life
  • Round trip efficiency as high as 85%.
  • Thick positive flat plate design with high Tin low Calcium alloy and high density paste
  • Low self-discharge rate and long shelf life (9 months at 20°C)
  • Excellent deep discharge recovery capability
  • Positive plate: Thick high Sn low Ca grid with high density paste
  • Negative plate : Over designed capacity to overcome sulphation in low SOC Separator: Advanced AGM separator
  • Electrolyte: Dilute high purity sulphuric acid with nano gel
  • Battery container and cover: ABS
  • Pillar seal : 100% factory tested, proven two layers epoxy resin seal
  • Relief valve : Complete with integrated flame arrestor
  • Constant voltage charging is recommended
  • Recommended float charge voltage: 2.25Vpc@ 25°C
  • Float voltage temperature compensation : -3mV/ °C/cell
  • Equalize charge voltage:2 .35 Vpc @25 °C
  • Cyclic application charge voltage : 40-2.45 Vpc @25 °C
  • Max . charge current allowable : 0.25C10A
  • Renewable energy systems
  • IEC 60896-21/22
  • IEC 61427
  • Eurobat guide , long life
  • 8S6290 part 4
  • GB/T 22473
  • UL 1989
  • IATA and IMDG