bi-polar Battery TEV SERIES


The TEV Series batteries are pure lead and are of new and unique bi-polar technology. They are designed with the goal to increase the time between battery replacements in EVs, while maintaining high power output. Also, importantly, the TEV series have an extreme short time of recharge – significantly shorter than the recharge time of Li-Ion batteries – thus minimising the downtime for EVs. The TEV Series batteries have cyclic life which is double of the traditional lead acid batteries and the power density that is 15% greater than that of traditional batteries. The TEV offer excellent high rate output – up to 20C Amps, also they are shock and vibration resistant and explosion proof. The TEV batteries are recommended to be used as motive power batteries for military, heavy duty vehicles, golf carts, AGV, electrical tools and heavy engine starting.
  • Fast Recharge to 100%: 105 min by 2C; 75 min by 3C; 20 min to 80% by 3C
  • Long Cyclic Life: more than 800 Cycles @100%DoD
  • Simple Monitoring
  • High Rate of Discharge up to 20°C
  • Fire Safe
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Shock and Vibration Proof
  • GB/T 18332.1
  • QC/T 742
  • IEC 61982-3
  • GB/T 7403.1
  • GB/T 23636
  • UL1989
  • Military vehicles 
  • Heavy duty vehicles 
  • Golf carts A
  • AGV 
  • Electrical tools 
  • Heavy engine starting.