Adding solar panels on the rooftop with an inverter as a solar system to your home is the first step in investing in clean and affordable renewable power on your own. The Solar Panel will capture the sun's rays during the time and converts the energy into electricity, which it will supply to your home during the daytime and if it is overplus of how much you can use timely, the inverter will output the electricity to the grid and selling to your energy bill retailers.

Now, there is a more optimized system coming up called a Hybrid Solar System - a Solar Storage System. It can not only produce green energy to supply us the electricity but also have a battery storage system that can save electricity for us during the nighttime. With a Hybrid solar system, you will be more independent from energy retailers, and it could save you money on your electricity bill. It is an ongoing investment for a green energy plan. With continuous innovation and technology development, it can be applied anywhere.

Hybrid Solar Storage System

Off Grid Solar Storage System

The off-grid solar system is an independent system applied to a place without the grid and electricity. The off-grid system solution design will include the devices of Solar PV modules, off-grid inverters, battery storage systems, and the generator. Depending on AC output power select the inverter module and estimate battery and Solar PV module capacity.  

Aeson Power Liquid Cooled BESS Introduction

Aeson Power Liquid Cooled Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is designed and based on a high-performance Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery to be integrated with a smart Battery Management System (BMS), Thermal Management System (TMS), Alarming System, etc. Aeson Power BESS has been optimally designed to be compatible with most of the Power Conversion Systems (PCS) in the market and it is also provided with an intelligent Energy Management System (EMS) with a remote monitoring platform as an option for customers diverse demands.

HRESYS Liquid Cooled Energy Storage Cabinets/Containers is a modular high-density solution that is built and tested to reduce project risk, shorten timelines, and cut installation costs. The BatteryManagement Unit actively balances the safety life, and performance of each cell, extending battery life. The modular system has multiple installations and is configured to minimize operation and maintenance expenses over the life of the project with all-weather capabilities and a high-efficiency cooling system. HRESYS Energy Storage Cabinets/Containers are mainly applied for electrical energy storage systems, large-scale UPS systems, and other relevant applications.

Research and Development

Aeson Power R & D team is a dedicated energy solution provider with continuous innovation and broad collaboration. Aeson Power has developed a series of reliable and affordable battery products and solutions to meet different customized applications.

Over the past decade, with experience in research of design and assembly of the battery pack. Our team has contributed our passion for continuous innovation and broad collaboration, which is the only route to an efficient, sustainable, and affordable new energy era.


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